Do you have Questions about a desired newspaper? i`ll help you.

Please tell me date and titel of the desired newspaper(s) you`re looking for.
I`ll inform you about Availability of the desired newspaper(s). I`ll also
work on your searchlist.

Your have different ways of contacting me:
You can send me an
Adress: offermann@

You can also call or send a Fax to me.

Telephone number 040/ 850 56 15
or Fax Number: 040/850 80 851.

You can send written Requests to following adress:

Privates Presse Archiv
Jens Offermann
Bellealliancestr. 60
20259 Hamburg

Because I don't own a retail shop, you can`t visit my private press Archiv. The
sale of the newspaper is supplied only by Mail-order (cash on delivery)

I look forward to your
-mail, your Call/your Fax or your written form.
Please pay attention to: Your
Request does`t compensate your order. Please refer to Order , if you want to order now.
Please use the formular
“Wunschzeitung” for your E-mail.

Private Press Archiv