You need a special and extra-ordinary present???

You can get here original and historical newspaper(s)  of (nearly) every day and
Magazine(s) of (nearly) every week. I can deliver you newspaper and magazine(s)
from 1900 till today.

You can find in my archiv different Titel of newspaper(s) and magazine(s), e.g.:

Hamburger Fremdenblatt, Bild, Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Hamburger Abendblatt, Berliner Illustrierte, die Zeit, Quick, Stern, Bunte, Hörzu, Spiegel
and many more...

All newspaper(s) are Original (not just a copy or reprint).

International sensations and their background, like e.g. the murder of J.F. Kennedy,
the sinking of the titanic, the end of World War 2, the murder of John Lennon, etc.
You don`t need to look into chronicals anymore, you can read this happenings in the
original newspaper with the first press anouncments und statements and so on...

You`re searching for reports about your favorite star or you want a magazine
with a image of your idol on the titel? Do you remember the unforgottable
"advertising" from past days? I`ll help you find  your (probably) so long searched copy.

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